Supporting charity with make up

Lévai’s has a goal to create awareness for a better life and treatment of animals across the world, by supporting initiatives who make the world a better place for animals, big and small.

Lévai’s donates 10% of every purchase you make to a charity that is part of our ‘Better world’-selection. The charities are chosen by us based on it’s purpose and intent that match our own values and beliefs. Charities that contribute to a better life, a healthier environment for the animals, inside or outside laboratories, anywhere in the world. The charities that we support are:

  • World Animal Protection
  • De Dierenbescherming
  • Cruelty Free International

And the best part is, you get to choose which one of these gets the 10% of your purchase, by selecting them in the store!

What have we accomplished so far?

World Animal Protection
Percentage of donations 24%
De Dierenbescherming
Percentage of donations 61%
Cruelty Free International
Percentage of donations 15%

Check out the organisations that are part of our 'Better World'-selection!

World Animal Protection

Without doubt we care about all the animals, including those outside the laboratories that are not used for testing and experiments. Whether it is simply keeping animals wild and free instead of being captured, slaughtered or abused. Or if it concerns the brutal life of farm animals, or when a disaster happens somewhere on earth, that is when the World Animal Protection steps in!

Our team at Lévai’s loves animals, big and small, and we feel it is our mission to contribute to the rescue of as many animals as possible.

Are you looking for more in-depth information about World Animal Protection? Take a look on their website by clicking on the link below!

De Dierenbescherming

Since we at Lévai’s are situated in The Netherlands, we are quite aware that even within the borders of this small country there is room for improvement regarding animal cruelty. ‘De Dierenbescherming’ (Animal Protection) is a Dutch organisation that owns animal-ambulances, shelters and is supported by inspectors and thousands of volunteers. Together they rescue animals in need, on the streets, in shelters or in the homes of people who abuse their pets.

Even in a well-developed country such as The Netherlands, they still receive thousands of calls every year from concerned neighbors who suspect animal abuse.

Are you looking for more in-depth information about De Dierenbescherming? Take a look on their website by clicking on the link below!

Cruelty Free International

Our first and personal mission is to obtain the official ‘Leaping Bunny’-certificate, issued by Cruelty Free International, as a way of validating that we sell cruelty free products. Cruelty Free International actively investigates and exposes laboratories worldwide to stop testing on animals. They challenge decisionmakers to put animal testing on their agendas and put an end to it.

Lévai’s supports Cruelty Free International for their active field of work and hopes they grow larger every day and keep on making progress in ending animal experiments worldwide!

Are you looking for more in-depth information about Cruelty Free International? Take a look on their website by clicking on the link below!