Every day smokey eyes

When you think of smokey eyes, you probably think about going out with your friends but did you know, this is a perfect look to wear while you’re going to school or work as well? You have to choose the correct colours, such as brown or gold. Yes, you have to stay away from darker colours. That could be a bit too heavy, I am afraid.

But it’s super easy. And if you’re done with school or work and you’re planning to go out, just add some darker colours and you’re done! Let’s start….

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  • Start with a primer
    Primer acts like a double-sided sticky tape to keep your eye shadows on place for hours. Dip your finger and sweep it on your complete lid.
  • Create a base
    Start with a lighter eye shadow on your lid. It’s a perfect base.
  • The crease
    Put a darker eye shadow on the crease, you can use one which is two shades darker than your own skin (always keep your eyes open – You want to see how it looks like when you have your eyes open).
  • Outer corner
    Add a darker color on your eye along the crease; create a cat-eye.
  • Blend, blend, blend
    Just blend once your down, also put some eye shadow on your lower lashline.
  • Bright up!
    Place some shimmer eye shadow on your finger and a bit on your lid. I always use a high lighter in the corner of my eye and underneath my brow.
  • Wing it
    If you like, you can draw a wing for more sexy eyes. 😉
  • Roll on the mascara!
    Put some mascara on your lashes and you’re done.

    That’s it!

One last tip: If your eyes are too heavy, always use a nude lipstick. Red lipstick is also nice but it’s quite heavy for just a work day. But if you feel comfortable, just do it. 😉

Good luck!

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