Brow up your life!

Some girls have all the luck and have the perfect brows already. If you ain’t this lucky like I am, you have to do some magic yourself. Luckily, we’re blessed with powders and pencils. Here you’ll find some tips and tricks!

  • First brush your brows upward, then trim the hair that extend longer then the rest. It will define the shape and make it way much easier to fill in.
  • Also get rid of the hairs with your tweezer, focus on the hair that catch your attention the most. Stay away from the shape of your brow!
  • Once done, brush the brows again.
  • Fill them in with powder (or pencil, although I think it powder is the most natural option). Always choose a shade that matches closely with your own brows, you can blend two shades.
  • Go over your brows with some wax to keep it on place all day!

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