Four easy steps to bigger lips!

Almost every girl or woman I know wants to have bigger lips. Not quite often I hear that girls or women are satisified with their own natural lips. I remember the terrible Kylie-Jenner challenge (O-M-G…..) but luckily we have options. Yes girls, we do. And it’s even cheaper than getting injectables! You need a few tools like lipliner, lipstick, lipgloss and optional: highlighter. It’s so easy.

  1. Scrub your lips first to eliminate dead skin. Also it will give your lips more volume.
  2. Use the perfect colour – if your lips are thin, don’t use dark colours. Your lips will look even thinner then they’re actually are. Nudes are always a good choice.
  3. Use a (natural) lipliner or the same colour as your lipstick. You can easily draw these Angelina Jolie lips! But be careful.. you don’t want to exaggerate it. 
  4. Use lipgloss. Bring some lipgloss on your lips after you used a (lighter) lipstick.
  5. Use highter on the Cupid’s bow and on the center of your lips (I didn’t do that on the picture below).

Enjoy your kiss-able lips!

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